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 Adamo Dr
 Big Bend Rd
 Bruce B Downs Blvd
 College Ave
 Fletcher Ave
 Fowler Ave
 Gibsonton Dr
 Martin L. King Jr Blvd
 Moccasin Wallow Rd
 Morris Bridge Rd
 Selmon Expressway
 Sun City Blvd
 4 Interstate
 43 Hwy
 60 Hwy
 275 Interstate - Nside
 275 Interstate - Sside
 301 Hwy
 574 Hwy
 581 Hwy
 582 Hwy
 582A Hwy
 672 Hwy
 674 Hwy
 683 Hwy

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Interstate 75 Tampa Traffic

i-75 Tampa Traffic ...

Traffic map by default is centered on the i-75 in Tampa at the i-4 ...
use elevation controls to zoom in/out & around map ... see i-75 Tampa News below ...

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i-75 Tampa News ...

i-75 Tampa Map ...

Interstate 75 Tampa Map
The Interstate 75 in Tampa, abbreviated "i-75 Tampa",  is one of the main interstate highway routes and traffic corridors that travels across the metro Tampa area.

Traffic along the i-75 travels across the metro Tampa area in generally a North-South direction.

The map above shows the i-75 in Tampa (highlighted in pink) and where the i-75 travels through the metro Tampa area.

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